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The new leadership training programme dubbed “A Masterpiece of High Quality Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness introduced by the Gamey and Gamey Group, starts tomorrow at the Peduase Valley Resort near Aburi.

As Ghana’s leading Human Resource and Labour Relations solutions firm, the Gamey and Gamey Group aims to use the new high profile training course to help in enhancing quality leadership and organisational productivity in the corporate environment.

The course has been designed to draw the best out of corporate leaders for the productive advancement of their organisations.

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In addition, the course has been fashioned to equip managers with the relevant skills to promote a harmonious working environment that encourages workers to contribute their optimum towards enhanced productivity and profitability.

The first session of the two-day training is expected to offer participants new knowledge and skills for a paradigm shift in the management of organisations.

Among other topics, the workshop will cover the application of the PULSE and Appreciative Inquire(AI) in managing an organisation’s corporate governance architecture, leadership roles in the strategic management of organisational effectiveness, linking productivity to remuneration, developing effective performance appraisal system, performance target setting, effective salary administration, prevention and early resolution of board and executive disputes.

According to the managers of the course, the training is targeted at Chairpersons and Members of Boards of companies and Commissions, Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Human Resource Directors, and Finance Directors from both public and private institutions.

Gamey and Gamey believes that in a competitive business environment created by a free market system and rapidly changing technology, “it is imperative for Boards and Executives to be strategic, creative, innovative and show high quality leadership” to drive their organisations.

By ADR Daily Newsdesk

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