The Centre has trained dozens of professionals in mediation
The Centre has trained dozens of professionals in mediation
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The 2020 Professional Mediation Training by the Marian Conflict Resolution Centre (MCRC) of the Catholic University College of Ghana is set to begin on Monday, August 10, with the aim of equipping participants with quality mediation skills.

The week-long annual training event, which has the prime objective of enhancing the human resource capacity for the Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry in Ghana, will be held at the University at Fiapre-Sunyani in the Bono Region.

According to Dr Vida Korang, acting Executive Director of the Centre, this year’s training has an enriched content that is expected to effectively equip participants with skills to overcome new challenges in professional mediation practice.

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Dr Mrs Vida Korang, acting Executive Director of MCRC
Dr Mrs Vida Korang, acting Executive Director of MCRC

“There are new demands and emerging challenges in ADR, and especially in mediation practice, and the course has been designed to effectively respond to these challenges by equipping the prospective practitioners with the relevant skills and knowledge,” she told ADR Daily.

She encouraged professionals from various industries to enroll for the programme to build their conflict resolution skills in their respective fields.

Topics to be treated at the session include; Introduction to ADR, Mediation Skills, Understanding Conflict, Communication in Conflict Resolution, Ethical Obligations of Mediators, and Practical Challenges of Mediation, as well as stimulation exercises by trainees.

A cross section of professionals including legal and media practitioners, religious and traditional leaders, educationists, politicians, human resource managers, unionists, security personnel and law students are to participate in the training.

The MCRC training event adds to the various mediation training programmes conducted by key ADR institutions across the country.

Since its establishment in 2011, MCRC has acquired competence as an ADR training service provider. The center in collaboration with Fordham University School of Law-New York, SEED Association-Switzerland, Hugh L. Carey Centre of Dispute Resolution-New York, St. John University School of Law-New York has trained people of diverse background as professional and certified mediators and arbitrators.

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