Poor HR systems cause workplace turbulence
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A consultant and an industrial relations expert, Mr. Austin Gamey has urged organisations to pay much attention to human resource management as they play critical roles to their success.

According to him, organisations will be adversely affected if they failed to put in place proper HR systems, adding that many firms are suffering because of inadequate HR systems.

“If you don’t manage your Human Resource well, you can throw your company into turbulence. HR is actually the heartbeat of any organisation, and therefore if the HR department is not given the free hand to manage the HR fused with industrial relations according to best practice, then obviously that company will suffer some paralysis which will mean getting out of business,” he said.

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Mr. Gamey gave the advice at a seminar organised by the Institute of Executive Studies (IES) in Accra to build the capacity of corporate executives and other managers in human resource management.

He charged corporate businesses to develop clear cut strategies and incorporate HR practitioners to lead the change to grow their firms.

“And so the wise thing is to have policies, plans and programs with clear cut strategies that are achievable. That way, the company will not just survive but grow and make progress, therefore HR managers should not be placed in a periphery.

“They should be brought to the front burner of any organisation and they must be seen as partners in the change process,” he said,

For HR mangers, the labour expert urged them to be mindful of the kind of language they use in their organisations as foul language could spark fire and problems within their establishment.

Mr. Gamey further entreated HR managers to make it a duty to train other workers in their organisations as well as find out constantly from management how they were faring.

He advised HR practitioners to detach themselves from management and open the channels of communication as that would place them in a position where they will be able to bridge any gaps between employers and employees.

The one day seminar brought together HR managers, CEOs and administrators from the University of Ghana, HFC Bank, Kal Tire, J.A. Plant Pool, the National Ambulance Service and three participants from Sierra Leone.

The highly interactive and practical course covered topics including the legal implications of HR functions, ensuring HR contracts and policies are compliant with the labour laws, and the rights of employees.

Others are legal procedures to follow when trying to dismiss a worker who is underperforming, forms of harassment and discrimination and how a company must deal with complaints and outline when and how a written or verbal warning must be issued.

By: Francis Tandoh/adrdaily.com

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