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President Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema need to sit down and talk things through. The motive is not to lure Julius Malema back to ANC but rather an opportunity where they can both offload.

I came to realise that their tension is beyond politics and if not taken seriously it might end up with bloodshed, unfortunately the blood which will be shared will be that of innocent souls.

The tension between President Jacob Zuma and Commander in Chief of Economic Freedom Fighters is fueled by third forces which is benefiting from the tension. The third force saw Julius Malema as an obstacle to roll out its plans when Jacob Zuma became the president. The sad thing is, it was not easy for President Jacob Zuma to understand the role which Julius Malema was playing in his administration. The first mistake for both Julius Malema as President of ANCYL at the time and President Jacob Zuma was to allow this third force to infiltrate their relationship. Julius Malema has been in politics from the age on 9 years, politics is the only game he knows best and invested his entire life in this game, while Jacob Zuma is a tried and tested comrade who stood the test of time.

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Jacob Zuma became captured by the third force, something which he only realised later and it was too late because it was not just him who was captured but some of his family members and relatives as well. It cannot be true that the tension between Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema is only political. They are just using politics as their battle ground.

The ANC veterans were caught sleeping, instead of intervening in this matter at an early stage but failed to do so. It is only now that they realise that they should have assisted in getting Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema to find a resolution.

An urgent intervention is needed, a mediator should be considered in order to restore calm and peace amongst these two leaders. If these two leaders can reconcile, fresh accusations will start to emerge because people who are benefiting from the Zuma vs Malema tension will not be benefiting anymore.

We hope and pray that one day, peace will be restored and Julius Malema will find closure so that he can forgive and move foward. Work towards achieving what he promised his party members and voters. We will also pray and hope that Jacob Zuma find strength and courage to admit his mistakes and ensure that he does the right thing before his term ends and apologise to Julius Malema. Aluta Continua!!

Source: news24.com

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