Mrs Gifty Fordwuo (left) and Mrs Mansa Nettey, addressing the delegates' conference
Mrs Gifty Fordwuo (left) and Mrs Mansa Nettey, addressing the delegates' conference
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The Standard Chartered Bank, Ghana has rolled out a Stress Survey with the aim of reducing stress among its workers.

Among other objectives, the survey is to ensure that the staff worked in a stress-free environment so as to perform optimally.

In the survey, in which staff of all the branches are expected to provide responses, the workers are expected to state which job activities, processes, systems and equipment, cause their stress level to rise.

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In addition, they are to indicate how the office facilities, including the nature and position of their desks and chairs, computers and lightening systems among others contribute to stress.

They are also to make recommendations for improvement on the deficient systems.

Gifty Fordwuo, Head of Human Resources at Standchart addressing the 3rd joint quadrennial Stanchart PMSU/UNICOF delegates’ conference in Accra at the weekend, urged all workers to take part in the survey to enhance their working environment.

Mrs Mansa Nettey, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank adressing the conference
Mrs Mansa Nettey, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank adressing the conference

As part of measures to help staff the effectively manage or avoid stress in the banking environment, she reminded the conference that the bank already has a flexible working policy that supports workers.

She explained that policy allows workers to choose their working times and days at the office.

“With the policy, you don’t need report to the office at 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday,” she said.

According to her, a worker could report to work at 11am if that when his or task will start, adding that all a worker needs to do is to seek the approval of the branch or unit manager.

Similarly, a worker can seek approval to stay out of the office if they is no actual task to perform, or can work from outside the office.

Regarding maternity leave, she reminded the conference that it is the only organization in Ghana to offer five months maternity leave, and two weeks paternity leave.

This shows the level of the bank’s concern for the health and welfare of the staff, she said.

She assured the local unions in the bank of the continued cooperation of her outfit since they have a common objective of enhancing the welfare of the workers.

By Nii Adotey/

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