96% of employees say upskilling is their own responsibility
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The latest Randstad Workmonitor report (Q3 2017) has revealed that 96% of employees in Malaysia say that it is a personal responsibility to keep up with the best practices through learning and development opportunities.

On a global scale, nine in ten global employees share similar sentiments, with 83% of employees in Singapore and 91% of employees in Hong Kong also agreeing upgrading their own skills and competencies are a personal responsibility.

Other findings about employees in Malaysia include:

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  • 97% of female employees and 94% of male employees believe that keeping skills and competencies up to date is their own responsibility
  • 94% of employees aged 18-35 and 99% of employees aged 35-54 believe that keeping skills and competencies up to date is their own responsibility
  • One in two employees (51%) had attended a seminar or conference paid for by their employers.
  • At least one-third of employees are open to investing their own time and money in an online course (35%) and curriculum course (39%) to stay competitive.

Natellie Sun, MD of Randstad Hong Kong commented, “In order to remain relevant and gain a competitive edge in today’s environment, workers are taking the initiative to sign up for more learning and development opportunities. The myriad of online courses offer employees with flexible options, making it easier for them to connect with experts around the world to deepen their knowledge.”

Source: humanresourceonline.net