The dispute poses a risk to the mall
The dispute poses a risk to the mall
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Tenants operating at the Accra Mall have staged a half day protest against the management of the Mall over exorbitant rent, poor conditions and the lack of promotional activities by management of the mall.

The Accra Mall Tenants Association claim their action for shutting down their shops temporary from 9 am to 1pm on Thursday was also to protect their huge investments and prevent the Accra Mall from suffering the same fate that the West Hills mall is suffering.

In a statement issued and signed on behalf of the tenants by their lawyer, Dr. Emmanuel Maurice Ankrah of Kuukua A Legal Consulting, it explained that the decision was taken to bring to the fore the onerous conditions under which tenants operate at the mall.

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“The public would recall that about a year ago, part of the ceiling in the mall collapsed and this affected patronage at the mall as the public were rightly concerned about their safety. Before that section of the ceiling could be fixed, another section of the ceiling at the Game entrance also caved in after a heavy rainfall,” it said.

According to the group despite numerous protests and engagements with the management of the mall, nothing has been done to fix the ceiling until about a month ago when they began to fix the ceiling.

“In order to address these concerns representatives of tenants met with representatives of the Accra Mall landlords on or about the 26th of September, 2019 to address issues of common interest. The management of the mall and the landlords promised to address the concerns of the tenants two weeks after the said meeting but failed to do so,” it stated.

“Both incidents hugely affected patronage at the Mall which in turn led to a downward spiral of revenue of the tenants,” it added.

By ADR Daily Newsdesk


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