Mrs Lizzy-Ann Kwagbedzi presenting the highlights of the event
Mrs Lizzy-Ann Kwagbedzi presenting the highlights of the event
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ADR Daily, Africa’s leading media organisation on appropriate dispute resolution, has launched its maiden mediation expedition to Mount Afadjato to seek resolution of disputes in Ghana.

The expedition, which is part of ADR Daily’s annual campaign to enhance awareness about Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms, is to create the platform for the resolution of disputes troubling the country.

It will be characterised by mediation sessions, role plays and networking on the peak of mount Afadjato, the country’s highest mountain.

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Mount Afadjato, located in the Volta Region, stands at an altitude of 885metres (2904ft).

As part of the event, participating mediators would hold an ADR awareness seminar beneath the mountain for traditional leaders in the Afadjato district.

The expedition, slated for August 24, 2019, will be attended by seasoned ADR practitioners, ADR trainees, lawyers, law students, business managers, union leaders, HR managers, religious and traditional leaders, school administrators, and other professionals, as well as disputants who want their cases resolved.

Participants will descend with renewed spirit for ADR
Participants will descend with renewed spirit for ADR

Mrs Lizzy-Ann Kwagbedzi, Business Manager of ADR Daily, explaining the objectives at the media launch of the event in Accra Friday, said the choice of mount Afadjato represents the “conflict mountain” concept that has to be climbed to achieve effective resolution of disputes.

“Mediators and disputing parties are sure to climb and descend with a resolution,” she said.

She noted that a series of role plays modeled after current major disputes in the country, would be held to inform stakeholders of the need to have those disputes resolved through mediation.

For his part, Mr Edmund Mingle, Editor of ADR Daily, indicated that the event offers mediators, other professionals and the general public the opportunity to appreciate nature and peace.

“It going to be a combination of mountain hiking, learning, networking, experience sharing and dispute resolution,” he said.

As the highest mountain, he said “Afadjato, for us represents the height of the totality of all disputes in Ghana, which has to be conquered by Mediators.”

He noted that all ADR training institutions, law schools, legal practitioners, mediators, arbitrators, members of the business community and the general public are invited to join the expedition.

By Benjamin Nana Appiah/

To register for the mediation expedition click here

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