Eric Agyenim Boateng, Human Resource Manager of PW Mining International in Ghana
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Given the fast-changing pace of technology in the mining sector, mining companies have been asked to retrain miners to operate field equipment efficiently regularly.

To do that, the firms would have to commit more resources towards the retraining of miners to equip them with advanced skills for modern mining operations.

Eric Agyenim Boateng, Human Resource Manager of PW Mining International in Ghana, making the call, said capacity building through retraining was essential in promoting safety and health practice in the mining industry.

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In an interaction with ADR Daily in Tema, he said because new mining machinery continues to be built with modern technology, the operators also have to be regularly trained to man the machines effectively.

“Once the machine capacity goes up, the ability of workers also needs to go up to match that of the machines,” he said.

Otherwise, he said the machines cannot be operated at full capacity for the optimum benefits, adding that the inadequacies of the operators could destroy the machines.

“Companies must not only concentrate on investing in advanced machines but should also invest in building the capacity of workers,” he stressed.

In addition to training, Mr Agyenim-Boateng recommended increased investment in safety systems at the mines.

He reminded management of mining firms that although cost, production and safety are the main parameters in assessing the performance of mines, the safety indicator dominates because it remains a determinate of cost and production levels.

“The focus should not be on the money but the safety of the workers and the mine.

“If you mine plenty and lose plenty through accidents, injuries, medical cost, equipment damage and repairs, you have not achieved anything,” he said.

Although the mines remain the most hazardous working environment, he believed the frequency of accidents could be reduced to the barest minimum if safety measures are upheld.

“Mines are dangerous environments and the possibility of fire, flood, explosion and collapse have the potential to affect a large number of people simultaneously,” he explained, adding that the prime safety rule in the mines is that “if it cannot be done safely, don’t do it.”

He urged managers and supervisors to also undergo retraining to become abreast with modern safety trend in mining so as to equip them with the requisite knowledge to issue appropriate instructions to subordinates.

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