The Court is succeeding with mediation
The Court is succeeding with mediation
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The Amasaman District Court is making progress with mediation as its Court-Connected Mediators resolve more cases.

Currently, more of the cases referred by the court for mediation are being successfully resolved by the three mediators attached to the court.

During a visit by ADR Daily to the court last week, it was found that the awareness about ADR among court users in the area was high, resulting in more referrals to mediation.

Interactions with the mediators revealed that they continued to settle more cases, in spite of the numerous challenges facing the mediators.

Mr. Ebenezer Odonkor, the lead mediator for the court, speaking with ADR Daily, said they remain dedicated to the cause of ADR despite the challenges.

According to him, because of the enormous benefits of ADR to Ghanaians, the mediators continue to do their best to help disputing parties to amicably settle their disputes to prevent expensive litigation.

Touching on the challenges, he believed it had become necessary for the Judicial Service to enhance their remuneration.

“In a given month we can resolve numerous cases but the allowance is low,” he said.

He urged the Judicial Service to secure more funds to support the work of the court-connected mediators.

Madam Jacklyn Adu Agyeman, also a Mediator at the court, for her part, expressed concern about the insufficiency of stationery, and called for the Service’s attention in increasing supplies.

Regarding the nature of the cases handled, Madam Agyeman noted that the cases mediated were mostly rent, land, and marital disputes.

They also have three mediation offices that offer good space for mediation proceedings.

A total of 3,486 cases were mediated in 2017 out of which 1,571 cases were settled, representing a 45 percent settlement rate.

It is an increase of 2,114 over the 1,372 cases mediated in 2016 in which 605 cases were settled successfully.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah/

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