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At Gamey and Gamey Group, we hold the view that “ADR” is “Appropriate Dispute Resolution” and not Alternative.

This will ensure that the full spectrum of the dispute resolution continuum is catered for, and it allows parties and practitioners to use the dispute resolution mechanism best suited for a particular matter.

In other words, it is unwise to use any of the processes except the “Courts”, in the handling of a first degree felony case, such as “Rape, Murder and Armed Robbery” as an alternative.

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This confirms that the “Courts” remain one of the Conflict Resolution Institutions that helps to resolve conflicts as appropriately designated.

As you will observe at the end of a negotiated agreement or by way of mediation that is mutually-beneficial to parties seeking to resolve their differences or disputes can now reconcile; and not a conciliation without  resolving the underlying cause of the dispute. It is at this point that the parties can voluntarily embrace as a demonstration of acceptance of the outcome and be honestly ready to comply with the agreement reached.

See below the Conflict Resolution Continuum as a guide:-