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Appropriate Dispute Resolution is a civilised way of resolving a range of differences and conflicts, with a collection of processes used to resolve conflicts or disputes informally and confidentially. Appropriate Dispute Resolution provides a variety of processes that help parties to resolve disputes without a trial. Appropriate Dispute Resolution processes for civil cases typically include interest-based negotiation, mediation and arbitration. People at various relationship levels encounter differences which if not handled appropriately can escalate into unresolved conflict.

Appropriate Dispute Resolution is usually less formal, less expensive, not adversarial and less time-consuming than a court trial. ADR can also give people more opportunity to determine when and how their disputes will be resolved.

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Michael Gyang Owusu (middle), President of the Ghana ADR Hub

Ghana ADR Hub launches Arbitration/Mediation Rules

The Ghana ADR Hub, an appropriate dispute resolution service network, has launched its Arbitration and Mediation Rules aimed at governing arbitration and mediation proceedings...

New Voters’ Register impasse to head for Mediation

The Gamey & Co ADR Centre in Accra, has offered to mediate the raging dispute over plans by Ghana’s Electoral Commission to produce a...
Daniel Owusu-Koranteng is opposed to forced arbitration in employment

Mandatory Arbitration for employment criticised

The General Secretary of Ghana’s Maritime and Dock Workers Union, Daniel Owusu- Koranteng has criticised the mandatory arbitration condition forced on workers in employment...
The leaders of the two groups shaking hands in agreement with the resolution

Afadjato rival dance troupes resolve dispute

A protracted dispute between two dance troupes in Gbledi-Chebi in the Volta region, has been resolved through mediation. Gbledi-Chebi is one of the main towns...
Rwanda Signs Singapore Convention On Mediation

Rwanda Signs Singapore Convention On Mediation

Rwanda has signed the UN Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation. The Convention was signed by Rwanda’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Valentine...
Trainee Teachers protest

Court case against 19 unposted teachers referred to ADR

The case involving some 19 unposted teachers will now be decided through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This decision was adopted by the judge when the...
Gamey & Gamey's trainings continue to corporate executives

Gamey and Gamey to hold Leadership Training Masterpiece

Gamey and Gamey Group, Ghana’s leading Human Resource and Labour Relations solutions firm has introduced a new high profile training course aimed at enhancing...
The pilots have held a series of protests

Delta requests mediator for pilot contract negotiations

After nine months of pilot labor-contract negotiations, Delta Air Lines wants to seek mediation. Delta management told the union that in its view, negotiations had stagnated,...
Strikes by the crew has affected the airline's operations

Lufthansa agrees to mediation with cabin-crew union

Lufthansa Group has accepted a flight-attendant union’s proposal that a long-running labour dispute be addressed through mediation talks. Earlier this month, trade union UFO suggested mediation...
Saeed Musah-Khaleepha, Executive Director, GCADR Centre

Trade, Foreign Affairs Ministries must intervene in Ghana-Nigeria traders dispute.

A dispute resolution consulant, Mr  Saeed Musah-Khaleepha, has called for the intervention of the Ministries of Trade and Industry, Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration,...
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