A Co-Mediator explaining the process to parties

Winning the trust of parties at mediation

By Arthur Pressman When I last wrote about what matters most to the parties in mediation, we identified trust in the mediator as the single most...


Many companies have recognized the need to transform the performance review process. One of the most important questions that leaders need to consider is...
Political vigilantism has become a menace in Ghana

Fighting political vigilantism with Mediation

By Edmund Mingle The activities of political vigilante groups in Ghana have recently assumed an alarming proportion, with security experts describing it as a threat...
Online mediation is attracting high patronage

Developing an Online Mediation Practice

By Ben Davies For any mediator used to face-to-face mediation, online mediation requires a modified approach and therefore training to adapt the skills of the mediator...
Menzgold is facing mass withdrawals

Mediation awaits Menzgold, BoG/SEC

By Edmund Mingle The regulatory dispute between gold dealership firm, Menzgold Ghana Company Limited, on one side, and the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and Securities...
Linus Tengdong.

The importance of Translation in Mediation

By Linus Tengdong Without understanding each other’s language, how can mediation take place between disputing parties? The importance of translation/interpretation in mediation cannot be overemphasised in...
Company Directors have enormous responsibility

The Ordeals of Directorship

By Florence Hope-Wudu Directorship is an onerous responsibility to assume, little do many who do so seem to realize. The official duties associated with a...
Austin A. Gamey, renowned labour expert

Understanding Severance and Redundancy in Ghana

By Austin Akufo Gamey, FIHRMP, MA. ADR. (PULSE) I have followed closely the usage of two key jargons or terminologies which are interchangeably used in the...
Peace has eluded many conflict zones in Ghana

Giving meaning to ADR for resolving conflicts in Ghana

By Austin Akufo Gamey, FIHRMP, MA. ADR. (PULSE) One of the most important aspects of the existence of mankind is how best people of all...
Compensation Benefits Salary Total Pay Package Words

How to Create and Maintain a Compensation Plan

How smart is your company? Smart companies have up-to-date compensation plans that support their business objectives and ensure their long-term success. As the HR...
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