Menzgold is facing mass withdrawals

Mediation awaits Menzgold, BoG/SEC

By Edmund Mingle The regulatory dispute between gold dealership firm, Menzgold Ghana Company Limited, on one side, and the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and Securities...
Linus Tengdong.

The importance of Translation in Mediation

By Linus Tengdong Without understanding each other’s language, how can mediation take place between disputing parties? The importance of translation/interpretation in mediation cannot be overemphasised in...
Peace has eluded many conflict zones in Ghana

Giving meaning to ADR for resolving conflicts in Ghana

By Austin Akufo Gamey, FIHRMP, MA. ADR. (PULSE) One of the most important aspects of the existence of mankind is how best people of all...
ADR helps to restore relationships

ADR: the way to Restorative Justice

By Wing Commander Frederick Bawa Appropriate (Alternative) Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to a group of methods of addressing or resolving disputes outside the traditional and...
The mediation clause is key for successful resolution of disputes

6 keys for effective Mediation Clause

By Edmund Mingle In recognition of the benefits of mediation, especially in settling commercial disputes, more organisations have become keen on including mediation clauses in...
The Vatican and China: Dialogue and negotiation

The Vatican and China: Dialogue and negotiation

The Chinese Catholic community, together with their bishops – both recognized and not recognized by the government – are in favour of a dialogue...
The path of mediation offers more advantages

Mediating the obsession with Arbitration

By Edmund Mingle It is common to find in commercial agreements, dispute resolution clauses that refer to arbitration as the first mechanism for settlement before...
Marital Mediation

Marital Mediation or Mediating To Stay Married (PartII)

Will the mediation process teach us new ways to relate to each other? Yes. Many couples in divorce mediation have said that if they...
Keeping Great People with Three Kinds of Mentors

Keeping Great People with Three Kinds of Mentors

To attract and retain great people, several things need to coalesce. From the extrinsic reward of a salary to the more nuanced (and more...
Pulse: the key to Strategic Mediation

Pulse: the key to Strategic Mediation

Conflict transcends in all spheres of life and visibly in the circles of organisations, families and relationships just to mention a few. When it...
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