Mr. Austin Gamey
Mr. Austin Gamey
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Mr. Austin Gamey, Ghana’s renowned ADR practitioner and labour expert has been billed to lecture at an international mediation training seminar and conference at the University of the Virgin Islands, USA.

The global conference, which is taking place from February 4 to 10, 2018 at the St. Thomas campus of the University of Virgin Islands, seeks to upgrade the skills of senior professional mediators from across the world.

Mr. Gamey, who is one of the few PULSE Professional International Instructors, is to speak on Executive Mediation, which is an organizational and leadership effectiveness conflict resolution process.

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The seminar, which is designed for only Professional Mediators is expected to use the PULSE Frame and other tools for instruction and extensive role-plays.

The PULSE Frame is the most internationally acclaimed and effective mediation protocol that helps the mediator to go through the five stages for reaching a successful resolution in the mediation process. It guides mediators to Prepare parties for a mediation session, Uncover the circumstances surrounding the case, Learn the significance of the case and the interests of the parties, Search the possibilities for a resolution, and Explain the plans for the implementation of the agreement to the parties.

The annual seminar is one of the prestigious international Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) events that creates a professional platform for learning and sharing of experiences among ADR professionals across continents and diverse industries.

It has the theme, “Mediation as a tool for dispute resolution and its effect on spirituality.“

Mr. Gamey is also the Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group comprising of Gamey and Gamey ADR Institute, Gamey and Co. ADR Centre, and the Africa representative of the USA-based PULSE Institute International.

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