The church is keen on resolving its disputes
The church is keen on resolving its disputes
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After years of protracted disputes in the Protestant Methodist Church in Benin, the church has turned to mediation for an amicable resolution of all their differences.

The disputes that have raged for about 20 years, created sharp divisions in the church, leading to the creation of various factions across the largest church in Benin.

Consequently, the mediation process, being facilitated by Mr Austin Gamey, an astute Mediator and labour consultant from Ghana, has commenced in Cotonou, with full participation of all the interested parties.

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As part of the process, Mr. Gamey, CEO of Gamey and Gamey Group, is first conducting a two-day mediation training for the various leaders, after which the mediation of the disputes would be conducted over a few of days.

The church is keen on resolving its disputes

The training is to enable the leaders to appreciate the essence of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR), and acquire mediation skills to be able to resolve cases in their various jurisdictions.

Eminent Rev. Dr. Kponjesu Amod Hounsa, President of Protestant Methodist Church of Benin, in a statement ahead of the opening session, expressed confidence that the mediation process would help in assembling all the parties to talk over their challenges for a resolution.

He urged all the parties to avail themselves to the process for the desired outcome to enable the church to blossom as a united body.

Mr. Gamey, in his opening remarks at the training session, commended the leadership of the church for its commitment in seeking an amicable settlement of their protracted disputes.

“I am very certain that we would be able train you and facilitate a conversation among you to help resolve the disputes in an amicable manner so that you can continue with the work that the Almighty God has assigned you all to do,” he told the participants.

By Nana Appiah/