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Jun 15, 2017

In 2016 new laws were introduced in Cambodia placing age, residency and literacy requirements on prospective union leaders and heavy fines for anyone who “created obstacles or put illegal pressure on discussions to determine the minimum wage” or who “incited activities against the declaration of the minimum wage”.

Garment workers won a new minimum wage in 2016 – now at US$153 a month, but the campaign for all other workers has not yet been won. A woman worker in the construction industry (that’s 40% of all construction workers) is paid less than a male worker. Men working in construction are paid US$150.00 per month while women – doing equal work – are paid US$112.50.

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Campaigning for living wages and a social security system for all workers is part of the struggle against inequality.
Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA is working with Cambodian unions and the global union network for living wages and a just social security system – because we know that together, we can win.

Source: apheda.org.au

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