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Torgbe Adabra IV, Chief of Gbledi-Tongor, the home of Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana, is keen on securing Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) awareness for his community.

His passion for ADR is founded in the belief that ADR is the surest way to seeking amicable resolution of communal disputes.

In line with general testimony on the outcome and benefits of ADR, particularly mediation, the chief is confident that the adoption of ADR will help to enhance peace and strengthen relationships among community members.

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In an interview with ADR Daily during a visit to Afadjato as part of preparations for the maiden Afadjato mediation expedition on the mountain, slated for August 24, 2019, Torgbe Adabra said there is a need for communities to adopt mediation to settle disputes.

He cited a number of communal disputes resulting from trespassing on farms lands, encroachment in forest reserves, inter-family disagreements and chieftaincy claims, indicating that such disputes threaten the peace of the area.

Often, he said, such disputes are left to fester, while others end up in the courts, creating acrimony among the people.

“I believe you need to be jaw-jaw before war-war, and ADR is jaw-jawing.

“And we need that as the basis for an organised way of resolving issues.

“Our interest in ADR is to get the people to understand, and get our chiefs to resolve issues with the community in way which people walk away feeling that they were part of the solution, rather than the solution imposed on them,” he stressed.

By Edmund Mingle/adrdaily.com

VIAEdmund Mingle
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