ASP Benefo Darkwah
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Community Mediation has been identified as key in settling conflicts at the community level.

In that regard, individuals have been urged to first support community leaders and mediators when disputes and conflicts arise.

Mrs. Matilda Mahamah, Tema Metro Director of Social Welfare Department and Community Development, in an interview with ADR Daily said community mediation remains vital for peace at the local level.

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“Community Mediation is an informal and a more relaxed way of resolving differences between parties at the community level.

“Community Mediation, unlike the formal process of mediation which is practised by private organisations, is more relaxed and flexible,” she said, adding that “community mediation is more traditional than formal mediation because its mediators are respected leaders at the community level.

Among other benefits, community mediation can be used to amicably resolve disputes and conflicts between families and social, religious and youth groups, and other civil cases, without having to burden the police and the courts.

“The greatest challenge that community mediation faces is when the impartial person who mediates on the issue becomes partial and favours one party. In that case, the other party can bring the matter to the Social Welfare Department so that we can handle it impartially,” Mrs. Mahamah said.

Mrs. Matilda advised that “when differences arise within the community the first settlement mechanism members need to resort to is the use of community mediation.

“If community mediation fails then the case can be advanced to the Social Welfare Department who will take on the case.”

Also speaking with ADR Daily, the P.R.O. for the Tema Regional Police Headquarters ASP Benefo Darkwah said that the police continue to support mediation efforts at the community level for the purposes of peace.

According to him, the Police, as part of its conflict prevention efforts, looks out for signs of disturbances within the community to prevent or manage conflicts to avoid their escalation.

“The police are armed with preventive mediation skills that enable us to detect possible areas where conflicts or disputes are likely to arise and take remedial measures,” said ASP Benefo Darkwah, adding that the responsibility is in tandem with the mission of the Police Service towards maintaining law and order, and peace in society.

By Fred Gadese-Mensah/

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