M4 Gamey (third left) with the participants
M4 Gamey (third left) with the participants
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A two-day training workshop aimed at building corporate organisations against emerging vulnerabilities has opened in Accra.

The workshop, which has the objective of promoting high-quality organisational leadership and strategic innovation, is to enable companies to become resilient against socio-economic pressures, and effectively manage structural and labour challenges.

It is being facilitated jointly by the Gamey and Gamey Group, Institute of Work, Employment & Society (IWES) of the University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA), and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

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Mr Gamey leading the facilitation
Mr Gamey leading the facilitation

The advanced leadership training is being attended by managers from the telecommunications and banking sectors, as well as public sector officers, lecturers, and finance and human resource directors from various organisations.

Mr. Austin Gamey, Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group, who is the lead facilitator, at the opening session, called for a paradigm shift in the management of organisations.

According to him, the socio-economic challenges confronting the country are partly attributable to a culmination of poor management of organisations that has resulted in low productivity.

The session was interactive
The session was interactive

“A paradigm shift is needed across all sectors otherwise more organisations will go into paralysis,” he stressed.

He also urged employers to be honest and open to workers to prevent suspicion and estranged relations between management and workers.

Dr. Michael Kwame Mickson, lecturer in organisational behavior and HR at UPSA, making a presentation on “overcoming corporate vulnerability with creativity,” encouraged organisations to develop creative solutions to organisational and business challenges, with the active involvement of workers.

According to him, managements need to ensure that workers must own initiatives for change in organisations, saying that is the only way to ensure successful and sustainable change in organisations.

Other facilitators include Dr. Charles Amoatey, Director of Leadership Academy and Executive Training at GIMPA, Dr. Mercy Desouza, consultant and lecturer in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at UPSA, and Mrs. Lizzy-Ann Kwagbedzi, Associate consultant at Gamey and Gamey Group.


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