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Mr. Austin Gamey
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The future of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Ghana lies in the country’s educational system, says Mr Austin Gamey, a leading ADR practitioner.

According to him, the gains made in the growth of ADR in the management of all forms of disputes could only be sustained through the mainstreaming of ADR in the educational system.

That, he explained, would help to conscientise the younger generation to adopt and practice ADR in settling disputes without using acrimonious and violent measures.

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In an interaction with ADR Daily in Tema, Mr Gamey, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group, called for a conscious introduction of ADR into the country’s educational system for young people to appreciate the need for peaceful resolution of conflicts.

“A leading factor that can significantly aid ADR is a change in our education in our country. Because of our educational system, we do not know how to resolve conflicts.

“And although many people are now talking about how to enhance ADR, I believe that the solution can be found in our educational system,” he added.

He stressed that “ADR is to promote relationship, it is for change, and it promotes the unity of purpose, and it is in the hands of the youth.”

“And so if we can introduce youth conflict resolution and peer mediation right into class one, we are assured that they would grow up with the skills of an ADR practitioner.

“So when the children come of age they will not repeat the terrible things that are currently ongoing. They would have grown up living at peace with each other, incivility, and be able to relate well. There would be no segregation, and all would live harmoniously,” he added.

Mr Gamey, also a renowned labour expert, believes that if the majority of Ghanaians follow the ADR principles in conflict resolution, then the future of ADR can be attained for the benefit of national peace.

“We need to promote ADR right in our schools,” he stressed.

Touching on the ADR practice, he noted that there was a need for more active ADR professionals to advance the cause of the profession.

He noted that dispute resolution has to be undertaken by professionals to ensure successful settlement.

Mr Gamey stated that most often leaders in society try to mediate on disputes, but such attempts end unsuccessfully primarily because such people lack the professional skills for mediation.

“We don’t need people to talk about conflict without having it resolved. They should take action by becoming practising practitioners with integrity, skills and experience.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah/

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