Austin Gamey
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Labour management consultant, Austin Gamey has urged employers to share relevant corporate information and strategies with their employees to enhance productivity that will commensurate with their pay.

By doing so in a professional and timely manner, after setting performance targets for workers, there would be fewer agitations on the country’s labour front, especially in demand for pay increment.

Addressing the topic, “Pay-For-Performance Strategy” in a live Facebook session on labour management, organized by the Institute for Executives Studies (IES) and the Gamey Apex Leadership Centre, Mr. Gamey acknowledged that pay-for-performance at the workplace remains a major concern confronting many employers across the world.

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He believes these concerns could be resolved when employees are offered the requisite training along with sharing of corporate strategies or game plans, and logistics by the employer, adding that it is based on these provisions that employees are required under Section 11 (a) and (c) of the Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651)  to work conscientiously and enhance productivity.

“A game plan will demand that corporate objectives and strategies are shared with workers, months ahead of negotiation and the setting of targets as required under Section 97 of the Labour Act ,” he stated.

The Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group also reiterated the need for Human Resource managers to assist in making corporate objectives and strategies that are developed at the macro-level their organizations available to those at the micro-level to help employees to stay abreast developments in the organisation.

“When this is done successfully, there won’t be any debate between the employer and the employees because necessary information has been shared,” he stressed.

By Benjamin Nana Appiah/

VIABenjamin Nana Appiah
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