Mr Williams Takyi, Human Resources Manager of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
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July 5, 2017

Human Resource managers (HRM) have been advised to re-strategize policies within their businesses to manage overtime work effectively.

That would ensure that overtime work leads to a desirable increase in productivity for the benefit of both management and workers.

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Such effectively addresses the challenges that workers face as well as management concerning overtime work.

According to Mr Williams Takyi, Human Resources Manager of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, such a restructured policy would help to address challenges and concerns of both management and workers about overtime work.

In an interview with ADR Daily, Mr Takyi explained that overtime pay is granted under Section 35 of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651), but there are guidelines on the limitations on overtime payment.

To ensure that overtime work leads to enhanced productivity, he said a well-strategized work structure should link overtime to performance by making sure that set goals are met within specified overtime periods.

That, in his view, would ensure that workers do not abuse overtime facility.

Also, a re-strategized structure would advise management against overusing overtime which often causes a strain on workers.

He explained that the over usage or prolonged period of overtime, often leads to worker absenteeism and health challenges of workers, adding that such issues have to be addressed for the benefit of the organisation.

Such a situation, he said, results in the use of overtime becoming counter-productive.

“Management can benefit from overtime work if only the structures and policies are well designed and tailored to suit their peculiar job needs,” he said.

By Fred Gadese-Mensah/

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