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Choosing where and how you work may seem like fun compared to   forging a long-term career, where one encounters drawbacks to creating a portfolio of work.

The biggest barrier to forging on a career path is mindset.

People who frequently hop from one project or job to the next can be jarring and do not have a clear path to benchmark success.  A career coach based in Ottawa, Canada , Jean-Philippe Michel , discovered that with fewer promotions and changes to job titles, it can be more difficult to feel like you’re succeeding even if you’re regularly completing projects. And what more, our identity is often wrapped up in the type of work we do, which doesn’t really fit the micro-job collecting life.

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However, the key to career success and continuous development is to prepare for the future, with a shift from thinking about jobs and careers to thinking about challenges and problems.

This approach ultimately helps people to develop skills and specific goals to address  challenges/changes  likely to be encountered in their jobs. Developing precise goals helps people plan for what many call a ‘portfolio career’. This type of career is made up of somewhat disparate projects or roles and will be more prevalent in the next decade, says Michel.

He believes this will help professionals and even student carve out a niche that’s more specific than it once was, and more likely to bring you satisfaction.

This shift in mindset from my job, my career to- what skills I need to add value to my job and help address challenges in my field of study or work will lead to a career development that’s more targeted and achievable.



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