Mr Gamey delivering his address at the graduation ceremony,
Mr Gamey delivering his address at the graduation ceremony,
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The Gamey and Gamey ADR Institute has opened its 2019 Professional Executive Master of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (PEM ADR) course with a promise to equip participants with advanced skills for mediation and arbitration practice.

The opening of the 21st cohort of the master’s programme, which is still open for admission, follows the graduation of the 20th cohort in Accra on Saturday.

PEM ADR is the longest running ADR masters training programme in Africa currently organized in collaboration with Pulse Institute and the University of Virgin Islands (UVI-PULSE), USA.

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ADR has become a major tool for ensuring peaceful resolution of disputes without the adversarial court litigation.

So far, over 20 participants from various backgrounds have enrolled for the course. They include lawyers, human resource managers, bankers, media practitioners, traditional leaders, religious leaders, union leaders and business executives.

According to the  Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group, Mr Austin Akufo Gamey, the training programme has expanded since 2017 following the inclusion of courses including land, banking and finance, contracts design, procurement and corporate governance dispute resolution.

A medaiton role play session by members of the 2018 PEM ADR class
A medaiton role play session by members of the 2018 PEM ADR class

Speaking at the graduation ceremony for the  2018 batch, he said to ensure that the ADR programme kept up with the advancement in the field, the Institute has entered into professional relationship with PULSE Institute of Calgary, Canada and more recently with the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) of the United States of America.

“Gamey and Gamey Group and the University of Virgin Islands have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which has established the UVI – PULSE AFRICA. UVI – PULSE AFRICA will be guided to strengthen the practice of ADR globally and assist regional organizations and ADR practitioners of Gamey and Gamey Group in strengthening their capacity by developing practical tools, training and other materials,” he said.

Since its inception 16 years ago, Mr. Gamey noted that the Institute has trained about 400 persons with varied professional backgrounds in engineering, health, law, banking and finance, education, agriculture, journalism, security, religion, tradition, accounting, unionism and human resource management, among others.

He urged the new practitioners to uphold the ethics and protect the integrity of the ADR profession by living above reproach.

 By Edmund Mingle/

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