Gamey and Co ADR Centre launch takes off 1
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The much awaited launch of the Gamey and Co ADR Centre, established to promote the growth of the Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry in Ghana, has taken off at the Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) at Dzorwulu in Accra.

Gamey and Co ADR Centre launch takes off 2

Today’s opening of the Centre, which would host a Roster of experienced ADR practitioners, is expected to boost the provision of ADR services across the country to save people from the repercussions of litigation.

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In attendance are Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo as the guest speaker and Professor Kofi Quashigah, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ghana as the chairman, as well a host of senior Judges, Lawyers ADR practitioners, traditional leaders, the clergy, CEOs and HR managers of top institutions across the country.

Established by the Gamey and Gamey Group, the Centre would provide a platform for registered professional mediators and arbitrators to resolve disputes from all sectors of the economy.

It has been strategically designed to fill the gap which currently exists in Ghana by providing quality ADR services and training needs of public and private sector organisations in the deployment of ADR mechanisms to amicably resolve disputes without wasting time and money on litigation.

The Centre comes at a time when the ADR industry seems to be at the crossroads, amidst a gradual shift in public attention from litigation in the courts to mediation that guarantees convenience, low cost, speedy, confidential and amicable settlement of disputes.

The strategic thrust of Gamey and Co ADR Centre is to provide critical ADR services that meet the needs of commerce and industry, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and the larger society.

The Centre, which would be a valued addition to all the ADR Centres in the country, is to provide opportunities to both foreign and local institutions and parties to have a choice to select an impartial mediator to aid in the resolution of their disputes.

It also seeks to irrigate the critical sector of human endeavour that is in dire need of ADR services and which has not yet realised the immense potential of ADR in the resolution of disputes.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah/


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