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The Gamey & Co ADR Centre, which has the aim of promoting excellence in the practice of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) is set to be launched.

The Centre, which will have regional offices across the country, has the prime objective of advancing ADR practice in Ghana.

Among other objectives, the Centre is to provide well-trained practitioners to the platform to use modern conflict resolution systems as the solution in addressing the many disputes that continue to bedevil institutions, groups, communities and families.

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It is being established under the auspices of Gamey & Gamey ADR Institute, a leading ADR training body in Africa.

Explaining the modalities at the closing ceremony of the Institute’s Professional Executive Masters (PEM) of Appropriate Dispute Resolution course in Accra, Mr. Austin Gamey, Chief Executive of the Institute, said the new Centre’s approach to conflict resolution is based on 21st century tools and skills such as the PULSE discovery frame, Appreciative Inquiry, Interest Based Negotiation, BEACH and GHOST principles as the protocol for communication.

“Ours is a discovery and a frame, and not just a model.

“All Gamey & Gamey ADR students will go through Skills Development and Practice for five continuous days of off-site training, and also introduced to the governing professional ethics and codes of conduct of the centre before listed as partners,” he said.

He announced that the ten regional centres would be opened by March next year.

The planned establishment of the Centre and its regional offices will fill the void created by the absence of a National ADR Centre as required by the ADR Act, 2010 (Act 798).

By: Nii Adotey/adrdaily.com

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