Gamey & Gamey ADR Master’s Programme ends
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This year’s Gamey & Gamey Professional Executive Master of Appropriate Dispute Resolution (PEM ADR) course has ended in Accra.

The course, which is the 19th session, was attended by 21 participants which equipped the trainees into professional ADR practice.


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Some of the trainees included lawyers, human resource managers, security officers, media practitioners, unionists and pastors from various sectors of the economy.

After 26 weeks of study, the trainees would now undertake a project work before their graduation in February next year.

Among other things, the trainees were taken through function and strategy of HR management with a focus on the Labour and ADR Acts; Interest based negotiation; listening and speaking skills; self-mediation; managerial mediation; land conflict mediation; finance and banking conflict resolution; procurement conflict resolution; professional mediation, mentoring and coaching, and international arbitration.

It involved tutorials, and practical sessions to equip the trainees with the requisite skills to operate efficiently in the field of ADR.

As part of the objectives, the Master’s programme, which was held in partnership with the University of Virgin Islands, aimed at building a critical mass of quality ADR professionals to promote the ADR industry which has become an essential ingredient for peaceful and fruitful socioeconomic development.

Mr Austin Gamey, Chief Executive of Gamey and Gamey Group, addressing the closing ceremony, congratulated the trainees for a successful completion of the course.

“I urge you to go out and be ambassadors and advocates for the profession,” he said.

He reminded them that ADR is neither a paralegal profession nor an alternative to the legal profession as erroneously perceived by some groups and individuals.

“ADR is the appropriate dispute resolution mechanism that is needed to resolve non-criminal cases out of court,” he said.

Mr Gamey also reminded them that the professional practice imposes on them a new demand of character, lifestyle and high standards of open-ended communication when dealing with cases.

“As you well know, all cases are controlled by perceptions in the middle of the red and green zones with the past guiding them instead of the future.

“Your training should aid you in dealing with land, industrial relations, marital, finance and banking, procurement, oil and gas, aviation, construction and religious disputes,” he said.

The Class Leader, Mrs Joyce Attah-Gyamfi, a lawyer at the Lands Commission, expressed appreciation to the Institute for the support and the opportunity offered them to become professional ADR practitioners.

She also thanked the facilitators for the learning experience and gave the assurance that they would deliver effectively and efficiently for the benefit of the country.

By: Nii Adotey/

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