Togbega Homatekpor V
Togbega Homatekpor V
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The Gamey & Co ADR Centre will from next week, conduct a mediation training for chiefs in communities in the Afadjato area in the Volta region with the aim of equipping them with conflict resolution skills.

The training, which is part of the corporate social responsibility programme of the Centre, is to enable traditional leaders to actively engage in dispute resolution.

Mr. Austin Gamey, chairman of Gamey and Co. ADR Centre will lead the facilitation of the training, which will be attended by more than 20 chiefs drawn from the Gledi Traditional Area in the Hohoe Municipal.

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The training which is supported by the Gamey and Gamey Group also aims at creating awareness about Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) at the community level.

Gbledi is the home of Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana.

The training coincides with the maiden Afadjato Mediation Expedition being organised by ADR Daily to enrich the mediation skills of mediators and other professionals who would trek the mountain next Saturday, August 24, to undertake various mediation exercises.

In addition to the training, a mediation clinic would be held in Gbledi to enable community members to submit disputes for resolution by a team of professional mediators.

Saeed Musah-Khaleepha, Executive Director, GCADR Centre
Saeed Musah-Khaleepha, Executive Director, GCADR Centre

Saeed Musah-Khaleepha, Executive Director of Gamey & Co ADR Centre says that the training is part of a nationwide ADR awareness creation and mediation skills development events being rolled out by the Centre for key sectors of the Ghanaian society.

He remains optimistic that the chiefs would, after the training, be able to effectively resolve community conflicts in a way that ensure sustainable peace among community members.

Togbega Homatekpor V, Paramount Chief of Gbledi Traditional Area, told ADR Daily that the chiefs are highly expectant of the training which would help to build harmony among their people.

By Edmund Mingle/