Nania Owusu-Ankomah Sackey
Nania Owusu-Ankomah Sackey
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Gaining a good understanding of arbitration terminologies or jargons is a key way of enhancing professional arbitration practice
Well defined terminologies, which include “Lex arbitri,” “Lex fori,” “Kompetenz-Kompetenz,” “Bifurcation,” and “Amiable compositeur,” among many others, are commonly used as part of arbitration language for resolving disputes.

However, these terminologies are often unfamiliar, especially to young arbitrators, and therefore, require explanation and guidance for their effective application.

In the quest to enhance the professional understanding of these arbitration terms, the Ghana ADR Hub, will on Friday, September 11, 2020 hold a training webinar for practitioners, in that regard.

Dubbed, “Translating Arbitration Terminologies,” the goal of the webinar is to demystify the terms and jargons used in domestic and international arbitration.

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According to the Hub, the training will be presented in a user-friendly manner so that participants can gain an in-depth understanding of these terminologies and how they are used or applied in the context of arbitration proceedings.

The training, to be facilitated by Nania Owusu-Ankomah Sackey, Partner at Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah law firm, will be characterised by case scenarios and practical exercises to enable participants to navigate through the terminologies.


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