Dr Mary Naana Essiaw
Dr Mary Naana Essiaw
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The Director of Institute of Works, Employment and Society at the University of Professional Studies, Accra says the recent revelations of corporate governance shortfalls is a clarion call for the reorientation of managers to acquire more effective resource management skills.

According to Dr Mary Naana Essiaw, the quality of leadership exhibited across various public and private institutions in the country, shows a deficit in management skills, adding that many organisations have become unproductive because of inadequacies in management skills.

“The situation places a high responsibility on leaders to upgrade themselves through training to add value to their organizations,” she said.

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Dr Essiaw made the call in an interview with ADR Daily at the closing ceremony of Gamey and Gamey Group’s two-day training on “Executive Management of Organizational Effectiveness and Managing Differences” at Senchi, near Akosombo.

the participants, made up of CEOs, Financial Controllers, Directors of Boards and Vice Chancellors and Registrars of Universities

She explained that corporate executives and directors of organisations need to acquire modern hands on training on people management skills to be effective and drive growth and productivity in their organisations and the Ghanaian economy in general.

The masterpiece training programme, which was attended by managers from both public and private sector institutions, was aimed at equipping leaders with knowledge and exceptional skills needed to effectively manage their organizations to achieve enhanced outcomes.

The CEO of Gamey and Gamey Group, Mr Austin Gamey, who led the training, dealt extensively on the imperative skills needed for effective organizational management.

He took participants through analysis of relevant subject areas such as the present and future state of corporate governance, the PULSE discovery for Planned Change, leadership roles of boards and the executive, the principles for setting up and sustaining effective performance management and 21st century skills for the prevention and early resolution of conflict at the workplace.

Mr Gamey, in his presentation noted that boards of directors and executives in the 21st Century are expected to be strategic, innovative and show leadership through their use of necessary knowledge and soft skills needed in managing the human resource.

He noted that the current state of leadership in the country requires quality and authentic leaders who understand the dynamics of leadership and are armed with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to drive a positive change in the work environment.

As part of the event, the participants, made up of CEOs, Financial Controllers, Directors of Boards and Vice Chancellors and Registrars of Universities were trained on how to engage in simple conversation to prevent and experience early resolution of conflict using the modern Labour-Management-Cooperation principles.

By Lizzy-Ann Kwagbedzi/adrdaily.com

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