Spain-Catalonia crisis
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In the quest for peace between Spain and Catalonia, Austin Gamey, a renowned Ghanaian Mediator, has offered to mediate the Spain-Catalonia crisis.

If the offer is accepted, Mr Gamey plans to conduct the mediation with Dr Nancy Love, a leading Canadian Mediator.

The offer comes in the wake of the inability of the parties to dialogue to resolve the impasse leading to escalating violence.

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The two international mediators believe the best way out of the dispute is for an impartial third party to be allowed to facilitate the mediation process.

Catalonia is seeking independence from Spain at all cost, but Spain has remained adamant and is against the independence campaign indicating its unwillingness to negotiate.

The European Union has avoided intervening, describing it as an “internal matter” for Spain to handle, and the entrenched positions of the two sides have resulted in violence, and if not managed well could escalate into a full-blown crisis.

However, the two international mediators believe the crisis at present level could be easily mediated and resolved to prevent its escalation with the attendant adverse effects.

In an interview with ADR Daily in Accra on Tuesday, Mr Gamey said the impasse needed to be resolved through mediation.

“We propose to have pre-meetings with the Spanish and Catalan government sides, after which we would engage in full scale facilitated mediation to allow the two sides to talk.  If there is no talking, there will be no solution.

“The matter can be resolved in a maximum of three days using the PULSE mediation process,” he said.

According to him, their offer is being communicated to the government of Spain and the Catalan side for necessary action.

By Nii Adotey/

VIANii Adotey
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