Mediators attending to a party
Mediators attending to a party
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The Ghana National Association of ADR Practitioners (GNAAP) this morning, begun its 2019 Open Day mediation outreach with the aim of helping disputants to resolve their case.

It has the objective of engaging the public to promote the adoption of ADR.

Being held at the Resolution Zone, IPLS campus, near Festus Junction, off the Pokuase-Amanfrom Road, the outreach is being patronized by community members including residents, traders, business owners and commercial drivers.

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As part of the outreach, disputants narrate their issues to mediators inform them the mediation, after which the mediation process is initiated towards the resolution of the cases.

Various cases were lodged by disputants

Some of the cases so far received are tenancy, marital and family disputes.

Apart from the mediation and lodgement of cases, the members of the association are also offering counseling on conflict prevention to the participants.

The open day event is part of the association’s 2019 Annual General Conference of ADR practitioners to be held tomorrow, May 11, at the Midwifery and Nurses Hostel at Shiashie in Accra.

It has the theme, “The place of Alternative Dispute Resolution in contemporary Ghana.”

By Edmund Mingle/

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