Goal setting
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Aug 29,2017

Human Resource practitioners have been encouraged to prioritise goal setting as an essential component for enhanced productivity.

The culture of goal setting, according to a Human Resource Practitioner, should also be aligned with the corporate vision of the organisation.

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Ms Alyce Queenly Thompson, Head of HR/Administration of Musahamat Farms, who gave the advice in an interview with ADR Daily, said goal setting helps in promoting performance targeting among employees.

Also, it contributes to streamlining the activities of workers to avoid duplication of tasks and waste of resources.

Although some think that goal setting causes stress in cases where workers are unable to achieve their goals, she said it remains an important tool for organisations.

“Goal setting is a vital part of the work, when you have a goal you can plan your work.

“Whether you set your own goal or it is set for you, ensure that it is in line with the company’s vision, if not you can be sure that all would not go well,” she said.

According to her, HR managers need to guide workers to set clear and achievable goals to avoid over ambitious targets that create depression for workers when not achieved.

“Some workers can set highly reasonable goals, but the goals may not be in line with the company’s vision. To avoid this, workers should seek aid from their heads and the heads should also assist their workers.

“The process of goal setting is a tedious process that requires precision and teamwork. To set a goal for yourself you must assess how you operate on a daily basis, how you get work done and how long it takes you to complete a task,” she added.

Ms Thompson advised that the setting of work goals should be properly coordinated among the workers for an understanding of what the culmination of the individual goals seeks to achieve.

“Because with each completed goal, the entire management moves closer to accomplishing the vision of the company,” she added.

By Fred Gadese-Mensah/adrdaily.com     


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