Goldfields, Mineworkers’ case adjourned
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The hearing of the lawsuit filed by the Ghana Mineworkers Union (GMWU) challenging the pending redundancy exercise by Goldfields Ghana Limited has been adjourned to February 8, 2018 by the Accra High Labour Court.

This is as a result of the judge granting a motion filed by the Attorney-General who is the second defendant, requesting that she is properly served.

According to the motion filed by the Attorney-General, the right procedure of serving the AG for 30 days before hearing was not followed.

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Goldfields, Mineworkers’ case adjourned
Prince William Ankrah, General Secretary, Ghana Mine workers Union

The Court, therefore, adjourned the case to allow the Attorney General to be served for 30 days so as to be able to prepare for the hearing.

The means that the over 2,000 workers of Goldfields whose employment are being terminated under the planned redundancy exercise, would have to wait until February 8 for the case to start for them to know their fate.

Mr. Abdul Moomin Gbana, Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Mineworkers Union (GMWU) told ADR Daily after court adjournment on Tuesday that although the case was filed last year, the AG indicated that she has not been properly served.

“The Attorney General did not appear for this morning’s court hearing as such the Judge saw it fit to grant the writ and adjourn the hearing until the 30-day period is over,” he said.

According to the Section 10 (1) of State Proceedings Act 1998 (ACT 555) “a person who intends to institute civil action against the State shall serve on the Attorney-General a written notice of his intention at least 30 days before the commencement of the action.

By Fred Gadese-Mensah/

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