Grace Akua Lartey
Grace Akua Lartey
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Rev. Mrs. Grace A. Lartey  is a  Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and also a Director of Multisoft Solutions Limited.

With over ten  years  in leadership positions in both entities, she has had the opportunity to use her experience to resolve disputes in the the areas of :

Business relationships, Labour related disputes, internal church disputes, family and community  and Spousal disputes

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As a Minister and an employer, she believes that wherever people interact in the society disputes are bound to occur due to differences in opinion, misunderstanding, mistrust and misinformation on issues . This calls for an appropriate avenue to resolve such disputes when they arise.  She is passionate about upholding tranquility because Jesus Christ was a great mediator who came to reconcile the lost humanity to God.

She is convinced that the ADR Mechanism is a one stop shop or a prefered choice for the settlement of civil disputes.

Grace holds an LLB from GIMPA, a Bachelors in Theology from the Trinity Theological Seminary, and a Professional Executive Master’s in Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) from the Gamey & Gamey ADR Institute.

She holds the view that with the smooth settlement of disputes in business, marriages, family and other social relationships, people and organisations can achieve much progress. The relationships run harmoniously in an environment of peace and trust.

If you find yourself in any of the conflict zones listed above, Grace is available for a conversation.

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