The paternity leave is to support young families
The paternity leave is to support young families
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Male employees of beverage company, Diageo Guinness Ghana Brewery Limited will from July start enjoying a minimum of four weeks fully paid paternity leave.

Their female colleagues would now enjoy a 26 week maternity leave instead of the 12 weeks the company used to offer.

The changes are provided in a family leave policy announced by Diageo, GGBL’s parent company based in the UK which is rolling out the policy to enhance the welfare of working families.

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Diageo recently announced that it is beginning a global roll-out of the ambitious new family leave policy applicable to employees across its businesses, as part of its efforts to create a fully inclusive and diverse workforce.

The company, in a statement on its website, believes that the new policy will support employees to focus on the joy of raising a young family, while continuing to thrive at work, and ensuring women and men are supported to have time with their new babies regardless of where they live and work.

In accordance with Ghana’s labour law, most firms offer a 12week maternity leave to female workers, without any consideration for male workers.

The new policy, which is expected to be implemented in its businesses across countries at the start of Diageo’s new financial year from the July 1, 2019, will be subjected to local legal, board, and regulatory requirements.

By ADR Daily Newsdesk