The workshop in session
The workshop in session
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An intensive workshop to equip Human Resource and Industrial Relations Management practitioners with the requisite skills on how to efficiently manage the welfare of workers to promote productivity has begun in Accra.

The three day workshop organized by Gamey and Gamey Group is to promote quality workplace cooperation between workers and management, which culminates in enhanced productivity.

A section of the participants..
A section of the participants..

The workshop which is part of an annual training programme of the Group is focused on educating HRM practitioners on the Labour Act and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Act to develop an efficient, peaceful and cooperative organizational culture for enhanced productivity.

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It has the theme, “Weaving the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651) and ADR Act 2-10 (Act 798) into the fabric of workplace HRM/IRM and managing differences.”

The participants include managers from both private and public sector organisations including Oak Plaza Hotel, Omni Bank, National Labour Commission, Life Petroleum, AngloGold Ashanti, Weave Ghana Limited, as well as Legal Practitioners and some Industrial Relations Officers.

Mr. Austin Gamey, Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group, in his presentation, urged the participants to uphold their integrity in their relationship with workers.

A section of the participants
A section of the participants

That, he said, is because HR managers play a critical role in organisation and therefore there was the need to win the trust of the workers by being transparent and fair to all.

As a critical between the workers and management, HR managers need to have a working knowledge of the Labour  Act 2003 (Act651) and ADR Act 2010 ( Act 798), and apply the two laws effectively to prevent or manage workplace conflicts, he stressed.

He noted that both workers and employers have a duties to perform as enshrined in sections 8,9,10 and 11 of Act 651 and hence the key function of the HR manager is to ensure that both management and workers work in line with the law to create and maintain a vibrant work environment where Labour-Management Cooperation exist.

Mr Gamey told the participants that for successful HRM and IRM practice, practitioners must be capable of appreciating the dynamics of the environment in which work is performed and hence, they must provide intelligent leadership qualities and be persons of high quality standing so as to maintain an impartial position in the organization.

In the management of differences at the workplace, Mr. Gamey reiterated that every organization must be abreast of the provisions made in Labour and ADR Acts for the settlement of disputes and also train management and workers to acquire and employ core conflict management competencies which include self mediation, managerial mediation, preventive mediation, Executive mediation and Professional Appropriate Dispute Resolution mechanism for the successful resolution of conflicts.

He called on all HRM, IRM and legal practitioners to be gentle, objective and be extremely cautious and neutral with the use of language in discharge of their duties and managing of workplace dispute.

By Nii Adotey/

VIANii Adotey
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