Mr Ebenezer Ofori Agbettor, , Executive Director of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners in Ghana (IHRMP)
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Human Resource practitioners have been advised to upgrade themselves to be abreast with modern trends in the HR industry and be innovative to aid organisational growth.

Such a knowledge upgrade would enable them to effectively address the changing needs of the industry for organisational growth.

Mr Ebenezer Ofori Agbettor, Executive Director of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners in Ghana (IHRMP), who made the call, indicated that the re-training of human resource personnel remains key to solving emerging challenges that confront HR practitioners in the country.

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In an interview with ADR Daily on potentials and challenges in the industry, Mr Agbettor described HR professionals as the backbone of an organisation, and therefore, they have to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in managing people.

Touching on some of the hindrances, he said non-cooperation from management remains a problem that many HR outfits face,

“There are two primary reasons why this challenge occurs; one is the attitude of management towards the HR manager and the second is the inability of the HR manager to present his/her case professionally.

“Management does not see the HR unit as a strategic partner to the company but rather as a supportive unit of the organisation which has no influence in the decision-making process of the company.

To address that challenge, he recommended that senior management undergoes orientation on the role of HR in building efficient organisational growth.

This will enable top management to appreciate HR practice and for organisation structure to be restructured to accommodate HR managers in the decision-making process.

On how to address the second challenge of practitioners lacking the necessary skills capacity, Mr Agbettor urged practitioners to seek regular training to enhance their ability to be innovative and proactive in managing the human resource base of organisations.

“HR practitioners must equip themselves well to be able to speak on issues professionally and to play their correct role effectively and efficiently,” he said, adding that HR managers also need to avoid ineffective communication to workers.

“HR managers must set targets for workers and ensure that the workforce rallies to push a shared vision for the progress of the organisation.”

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