Artificial Intelligence is displacing millions of workers across the world
Artificial Intelligence is displacing millions of workers across the world
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With the advancement of technology and digitisation in the global business environment, human resource practitioners need to be proactive in orienting the workforce towards adopting the new technology culture.

Mrs Irene Asare, Director of Human Resource at Tullow Ghana Limited, who gave the advice, said because the global business environment continues to become highly digitised and automated, HR Managers have to manage its implications on employees and the business effectively.

“Now many business functions are run with the press of bottoms,” she said, adding that technology had replaced many of the functions undertaken by employees.

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“How are we getting the workforce to be ready for the changes triggered by advancement in technology,” she said

Mrs Asare, giving a lecture at a Strategic HR Breakfast Meeting orgainsed by Alica Consulting in collaboration with the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP), in Accra, cited the advent of data analytics that is performing many analytical functions and helping in decision making.

The meeting, which was attended by a number of HR managers from a wide range of sectors, had the theme, “Empowering HR Professionals for business transformation.”

Irene Asare, HR Director, Tullow
Irene Asare, HR Director, Tullow

According to Mrs Asare, who was adjudged the best HR Practitioner in 2017 by the IHRMP, HR managers “have to take digitization very serious.”

“We all want more for less. So technology answers the question of how to use less and get more work done,” she said.

She also reminded HR managers of the increasing demand for fixed term employment and contract jobs by employees, adding that the practitioners need to lead management in preparing for, and adopting the changes.

The world is not standing still, she explained, adding that companies could only remain progressive and competitive by adapting to the changing trends in the business environment.

In view of the changing trends influenced by technology and job structure, she said managing human resource has become complex, adding that HR practitioners are required to make a meaning impact in that regard.

“HR should be able to impact and influence decisions and link them to business goals,” he stressed.

According to her, HR managers should not be content with having a seat at the management table, but should be concerned about how to use that seat to make a meaningful impact on the business.

By: Edmund Mingle/