HR professionals upgrade skills
HR professionals upgrade skills
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Special training to equip professionals with the required skill to handle the legal aspects of Human Resource Management (HRM) has ended in Accra.

The two-day training session hosted by the Institute of Executive Studies (IES) was aimed at providing HR professionals with knowledge and skills to better understand the legal technicalities of HR and create a peaceful and conflict-free environment at the workplace.

The participants included managers and human resource practitioners from various public and private sector organisations including Total Ghana, Golden Exotics Limited and Olam Cocoa.

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Labour Expert Austin Gamey, who was the lead facilitator, explained the essence of the training was to provide in-depth knowledge linking the legal framework regulating labour environment to human resources management.

“Generally, HR managers have to understand the legal aspects of HRM, but they need to deepen their understanding to utilise fully and benefit from the laws of the Labour Act. If they were to utilise the laws to the highest degree then most of the issues that HR practitioners face would be non-existent,” he added.

Some of the participants of the training, who shared their opinion about the programme, lauded its objectives.

Mr Daniel Dankwah, the training manager at Total Ghana, said “as human resource managers or industrial relation managers, it is only right that we take advantage of the Labour Act to solve most of the issues we face.”

“Training like these are essential because you get to reacquaint yourself with the laws that govern HRM. HR is faced with many issues which can all be solved if HR managers are conversant with the laws,” he added.

Mr Joseph Ob-yeng, the Industrial Relations Manager for Golden Exotics Limited also believes that the course was essential in helping HR managers to enhance their performance.

Gamey Group ends HR training workshop

“It is to the benefit of every practitioner to take up more skills and learn more to enhance themselves better,” he added.

Mr Ob-yeng advised that “if you want to be on top of HR/IR, you need to be aware of all the laws that govern the workplace.

By: Fred Gadese-Mensah/