Dr Mrs Dr. Hagan
Dr Mrs Dr. Hagan
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Human Resource Managers need to focus more on human capital management towards advancing organisational productivity, says Dr Mrs Ellen Hagan, Chief Executive Officer of L’aine Services Limited.

According to her, the evolution of Human Capital Management (HCM) would continue to shape the future of business organisations, and there is the need for HR managers to be abreast of modern HR trends.

Dr Hagan, who was speaking at the HR Focus Conference and Awards ceremony in Accra, also urged HR practitioners to embrace technology in executing strategic HR plans actively.

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“Over the last several years, the field of HR has become less about following rote management and record keeping processes, and more about the strategic execution of Human Capital Management. This evolution is continuing today and will shape the culture and operations of tomorrow’s businesses.

“The next phase of HR is a meaningful shift towards leveraging various technology solutions, information and data to improve strategic decisions about talent, organisational readiness, succession planning and culture to achieve better business performance and results,” she said.

The future of HR, she explained, is supported by the advanced technology and the return of the human approach to management practice.

She said although the HR practice would continue to evolve as organisations look for new ways to build a culture and attract talent, the onus would be on the practitioners to pursue and develop HR processes that would be more beneficial to their organisations.

“The workplace today, mainly millennials, are looking at more than paychecks to make employment decisions. They are looking for an organisation that speaks to their need to impact society, and also their need to become entrepreneurial.

“The question then is that what benefits are you offering that differentiate your company from your competitor?” she asked.

Dr Hagan reminded HR practitioners that HR’s future does not end with just recruiting the right talent, but also in developing these talents into leaders, and constructing an effective leadership pipeline in an organisation.

The HR conference and awards ceremony was organised by the HR Focus Magazine with the aim to discuss emerging trends in the HR management industry, identify and reward organisations for best performance in HR management.

By Nii Adotey/adrdaily.com