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Innovation Drivers

There is a compelling demand in these times for the HRM function to be an innovation driver that will take advantage of the rapidly changing technologies to address the concerns of organizations and workers. It calls for increased knowledge, understanding and skills to be weaved into the fabric of any profitable organization.

This demand imposes new challenges on progressive educational institutions and expert trainers to shape the work of HR management practitioners for the attainment of these goals.

Obviously, this evolutionary approach calls for HRM practitioners to be seen as Deltas (Agents of Change) and guides to the organization.

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HRM Experts

HRM practitioners are expected to be the embodiment of qualities that can drive innovation and best practices in a bid to address the challenges of the Human Resource Management, given the rapidly changing technologies.

These qualities among others should guide the HRM practitioner who doubles as “the manager of managers” to effectively undertake this role. These qualities include:

  • The capability of appreciating the complex dynamics of the working environment.
  • Ability to conduct successful negotiations and to present and manage differences.
  • Effective listening and speaking skills
  • To be patient, non-judgmental, flexible, energetic and persuasive.
  • To be imaginative and resourceful with a demonstrable ability to think “outside the box”
  • To be a person of high quality standing and reputation amongst his peers.
  • To be reliable and capable of gaining access to necessary resources and information.
  • To be non-defensive and a person of high integrity.