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Human Resource Management is both the art of managing people by recourse to creative and innovative approaches and includes the process of managing people in organisations in a structured and thorough manner. This covers the fields of staffing (hiring people), retention of people, pay setting and management, performance management, change management and taking care of exits from the company to round off the activities.

Human Resource Management is key to every organization, and the various component of structured policies and processes for effective management is at the heart of good corporate governance of organisations and nations as a whole.

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Bigger role for bosses to help workers

Bigger role for bosses to help worker’s update skills

As technology changes the nature of jobs and the economy, the need for workers to learn new skills regularly has become more pressing. Bosses will...
Performance Management

The Essentials of Performance Management

Performance Management System (PMS) is imperative, and it is compelling that any organization which intends to survive the turbulence of the market competition and...
GES (Ghana_Education_Service)_logo

GES proposes automated promotion system for teachers

Aug 31, 2017 The Ghana Education Service (GES) has proposed the introduction of a computerised system for staff promotion to enhance the process of promotions...
Kal Tire

Kal Tire managers undergo performance appraisal training

Aug 31, 2017 Site supervisors and managers of Kal Tire Mining Tire Group have undergone a performance appraisal training workshop in Accra with the aim...
Goal setting

Goal setting vital for organisational growth

Aug 29,2017 Human Resource practitioners have been encouraged to prioritise goal setting as an essential component for enhanced productivity. The culture of goal setting, according to...
BP appoints first black female CEO

BP appoints first black female CEO

Multi-national oil company BP has appointed South African chartered accountant Priscillah Mabelane as the chief executive of its Southern Africa operation. Mabelane’s appointment on Monday...
Expedia's Dara Khosrowshahi

Uber picks Expedia’s Dara Khosrowshahi as new CEO

Uber Technologies Inc chose Dara Khosrowshahi, the Chief Executive of travel company Expedia Inc, as its Chief Executive on Sunday, according to two...
Study reveals gaps in Benefits management

Study reveals gaps in Benefits management

Aug 14, 2017 A new study explores the complexity of managing benefits and the value of multiyear planning to better position Human Resources as business...
Amazon Is Hiring

Amazon Is Hiring 50,000 People Today

Aug 2, 2017 Amazon is today attempting to fill its 50,000 empty vacancies by hiring people on the spot in some of the U.S. cities...
Managing Director (MD) of HFC Bank, Mr Robert Le Hunte

HFC bounces back to profitable ways –Management

Aug 1, 2017 The HFC Bank, a subsidiary of Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) says it has returned to profitability ways, according to a statement...
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