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Human Resource Management is both the art of managing people by recourse to creative and innovative approaches and includes the process of managing people in organisations in a structured and thorough manner. This covers the fields of staffing (hiring people), retention of people, pay setting and management, performance management, change management and taking care of exits from the company to round off the activities.

Human Resource Management is key to every organization, and the various component of structured policies and processes for effective management is at the heart of good corporate governance of organisations and nations as a whole.

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Britain to raise pension age

Britain to raise pension age

July 20, 2017 The British government has announced plans to raise the state pension age to 68 seven years further than expected. The country's pension age...
Study reveals gaps in Benefits management

Study reveals gaps in Benefits management

Aug 14, 2017 A new study explores the complexity of managing benefits and the value of multiyear planning to better position Human Resources as business...

Pay transparency legislation gets the green light

Back in March, we blogged on the Ontario Government’s announcement of a strategy on pay transparency called “Then Now Next: Ontario’s Strategy for Women’s...
Philip Gamey, a Business Intelligence Consultant at the Institute of Executive Studies (IES)

Data Analytics offers benefits to organisations

Data Analytics, a newly rising system in Human Resources management continues to offer significant benefit to organisations. However, its full potential is yet to...
Their numbers increase by the day

Street hawking: Ghana’s time bomb

Street hawking: Ghana’s time bomb Hawking in the country’s cities continues to assume alarming proportions. The situation in Accra, has assumed both a sophisticated and alarming...


The Deputy Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation has called on Management and Unions to develop a team spirit and high level of...

New online ratings help migrant workers avoid unscrupulous recruiters

A new web platform aimed at migrant workers lists user reviews of recruitment agencies. By helping migrants avoid falling for false promises, the website...
Kumasi Tech University staff undergo training

Kumasi Technical University staff undergo training

A three day in-house training to enhance the effectiveness of the staff of the Kumasi Technical University has begun at the university. The training, being...
Dr Edward Kwapong (right), President of IHRMP and Mr John Wilson, immediate-past IHRMP President

HR practitioners to be chartered

The Institute of Human Resources Management Practitioners (IHRMP) has intensified efforts towards securing a Charter status for Human Resource Management (HRM) practitioners in Ghana. The...
Eric Angel Carbonu (middle), President of NAGRAT

NAGRAT clashes with GES over closing time

 Graduate teachers across the country say they are not civil servants and will therefore not close from school at 4:30pm. According to the National Graduate...
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