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Industrial Relations Management has become one of the most delicate and complex problems of modern society. According to Dale Yoder “industrial relations is the process of management dealing with one or more unions intending to negotiate and subsequently administer collective bargaining agreement or labour contract”.

However, industrial progress is impossible without Labour Management Cooperation. It is therefore in the interest of both Labour (unions) and management to create and maintain good relations by learning the basic principles and continuously following on modern developing trends and information available on for an enhanced industrial relations management.

Ghana must adopt hourly pay system

Ghana must adopt hourly pay system

In the quest to check the high wage bill and increase productivity, Ghana’s public and private sectors must pay workers by the hour, says...

McDonald’s hit by first UK industrial action

McDonald's workers are staging their first UK strike after walking out at two stores in a dispute over zero-hours contracts and conditions. Workers at Cambridge...

Can cutting work hours solve Japan’s productivity puzzle?

Law makers and companies are aiming for shorter hours and a better work-life balance for Japanese people, in an attempt to solve a national...

Macron launches reform of France’s labour laws

President Emmanuel Macron's government has begun its drive to overhaul France's rigid labour laws, vowing to "free up the energy of the workforce". The reforms...
Warwick Teachers Union rejects School Dept offer

Warwick Teachers Union rejects School Dept offer

Aug 31, 2017 A new contract between the Warwick Teachers Union and Warwick School Department, overdue since 2015, remains in the aspirational realm after the...
world's No. 2 copper mine

U.S. Company gives up control of world’s No. 2 copper mine

For nearly three decades, the world's No. 2 copper mine has been controlled by an American company. Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) agreed Tuesday to give up its...
job seekers

More than Half of U.S. Workers Feel They Have Just a Job, Not a...

With 6.2 million job openings, and 7 million unemployed, it's never been more important for job seekers to stay one step ahead of the...
pay ratios

Listed companies must publish pay ratios under new law

All listed companies will have to publish the pay ratio between bosses and workers, under new corporate governance reforms being announced today. The new laws,...
10 refineries close

10 refineries close as Harvey drenches Texas energy hub

Tropical Storm Harvey is tearing through one of the nation's most important energy hubs. Throughout the Gulf Coast, key refineries and production facilities have...
Ekumfi Pineapple factory to create 9,000 jobs

Ekumfi Pineapple factory to create 9,000 jobs

More than 9,000 jobs are expected to be created under the government's first 'One District One Factory' policy initiative launched at Ekumfi in the...
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