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Aug 31, 2017

Site supervisors and managers of Kal Tire Mining Tire Group have undergone a performance appraisal training workshop in Accra with the aim of enhancing their output.

The programme was organised in line with management’s goal of enforcing an Effective Performance Appraisal system to enhance productivity and bridge the gap between managers and their subordinates.

The training, which was facilitated by Gamey and Gamey Group was to equip Managers with essential interpersonal and technical skills required for a successful appraisal process.

The Human Resource Officer in-Charge of Ghana, Ekua Amoaba Amuah,  after the programme told ADR Daily that the success of every company was dependent on the efficiency of the performance management system in place, and hence the need for them to organise the training.

The Project Manager of Kal Tire, Newton Ahafo Grant Watson also expressed his delight about the programme and made a call on mining companies in the country to employ effective performance appraisal systems to ensure fair rewards of workers.

Kal Tire

He said an effective performance appraisal system is essential to boosting organisational productivity, adding that effective appraisal system ensures that performance becomes the basis for increment and promotion in a company.

“People must be paid for the work they do, and high performers should be given a fair ground to earn bonuses as rewards to motivate hardworking workers and increase productivity,” he said.

According to him, performance appraisal is a true reflection of what people should get for their input at work.

The Technical Manager, Andrew Kwao, for his part, noted that openness was very critical to the appraisal process, and therefore urged the managers to be open to share relevant information and deplore high interpersonal skills for a successful process.

Performance appraisal, he explained, has a direct effect on productivity as it measures the worker’s input in the company but the process, however, can be compromised when managers use favouritism and dislike in assessing workers.

He also urged the managers to be impartial and deploy high level of integrity for a satisfactory appraisal, indicating that the system should help to set a benchmark mark for rewards.

By: LizzyAnn Kwagbedzi/adrdaily.com

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