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 A arbitration in a drilling contract dispute between Kosmos Energy Ghana and Tullow Ghana Limited has ended successfully.

The dispute was over responsibility for expenditures stemming from termination of the West Leo drilling rig contract between the two oil firms.

The tribunal’s Final Award in the arbitration was delivered to the parties by the International Chamber of Commerce on July 17, 2018.

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As a consequence of the arbitration award, Kosmos will not be required to fund its portion of Tullow’s liability to Seadrill, estimated by Tullow to be approximately $50,800,000. Kosmos will also be reimbursed by Tullow for approximately $14 million plus interest, related to amounts previously paid under protest as well as certain costs and fees of pursuing the arbitration.

In June 2016, Kosmos Energy Ghana HC filed a Request for Arbitration with the International Chamber of Commerce against Tullow Ghana Limited in connection with a dispute arising under the Deepwater Tano Joint Operating Agreement.

At dispute was Kosmos Energy Ghana HC’s responsibility for expenditures arising from Tullow Ghana Limited’s contract with Seadrill for use of the West Leo drilling rig once partner-approved 2016 work program objectives were concluded.

Tullow sought to charge such expenditures to the Deepwater Tano joint account. Kosmos disputed that these expenditures were chargeable to the Deepwater Tano joint account on the basis that the Seadrill West Leo drilling rig contract was not approved by the Deepwater Tano operating committee pursuant to the Deepwater Tano Joint Operating Agreement, and that the Seadrill West Leo drilling rig contract had not been entered into in connection with joint operations.

Source: businesswire.com

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