MR. AUSTIN GAMEY(the sole mediator) signing his portion of the agreement
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Labour expert Mr Austin Gamey is praying for a peaceful industrial environment in Ghana this year to enhance productivity.

He hopes that the challenges that caused unrests in the labour industry would be avoided this year to ensure peaceful and productive working environment.

“The year 2017 was full of labour unrest and workplace conflicts. It is the general hope that in 2018 things would be different and peace and tranquility will reign in every institution,” he told ADR Daily.

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In an interaction on his assessment of the labour environment in 2017, he observed that 2017 had many challenges and issues in the world of human resources and labour management.

Apart from the many strike actions that characterised the year, he recounted how a number of companies, including Dangote Cement Limited laid off many of its workers, as well as TUC’S constant battle against contract jobs, and how Goldfields Ghana attempted to lay off over 2,000 workers.

“It is my wish that these issues don’t persist in the New Year,” he said.

According to Mr Gamey, the solution lies in how well workers and management cooperate and co-exist peacefully.

“My prayer for this year in Industrial Relations Management (IRM) and Human Relations Management (HRM) is for practitioners and all working people and employers across Ghana to ensure that we don’t presume or attempt to advance without authority on any decision taken.

“It is appropriate that we study the Labour Act and ADR Act and all relevant best practices in the fields of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management,” he said.

Mr Gamey, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group, urged workers to resolve differences without extending it beyond the boundaries allowed.

“We must seek peaceful resolutions to our conflicts at all times,” he added.

By Fred Gadese-Mensah/

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