The Lagos Court of Arbitration is making great strides in the industry
The Lagos Court of Arbitration is making great strides in the industry
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Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, is billed to host this year’s International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Africa Conference on International Arbitration, with the aim of brainstorming towards the promotion of the Arbitration industry in Africa.

Described as a gathering of notorious arbitration practitioners in Africa, the 3rd annual ICC Africa Conference on International Arbitration, slated for June 18 to 20, will offer an impetus for the rejuvenation of the arbitration profession on the continent.

It is coming at a time London seems to be losing its dominance as a hub for international arbitration, with Singapore attracting more cases, while more international and local firms operating in Africa prefer arbitration in their host/home or neighboring countries.

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Nana Dr. S.K.B. Asante chairs the Ghana Arbitration Centre
Nana Dr. S.K.B. Asante chairs the Ghana Arbitration Centre

It also comes in the wake of a surge in the number of qualified arbitration professionals in Africa, following increasing professional training in arbitration and Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in general.

More than 350 arbitrators and mediators from 15 African countries are expected to participate in the conference which the ICC is optimistic, would also open networking opportunities for the practitioners.

According to the ICC, the annual Africa conference is the key forum for understanding international commercial arbitration in Africa.

“This conference provides an indispensable update on developments in the region and is becoming the most important gathering for the African arbitration community.

“Not only does it offer a line-up of top-class speakers, topical discussions and relevant news, but also an excellent opportunity to network,” the ICC indicated.

In a statement to announce the event, the ICC described the conference as a “must attend” for arbitration professionals who wish to keep up to date with the latest institutional developments and the evolution of arbitration in Africa.

It said apart from the discussions on strategic topics to be led by seasoned Arbitrators, there would be training sessions replete with case scenarios to refresh the skills and knowledge of the practitioners.

The training session is on the general topic, “The conduct of the proceedings and case management – the Arbitrator’s perspective.”

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